Classroom Packing Tips

To teach is to keep all the things!  This is a time to consider what you actually use in the classroom.  Papers, unused items, and used beyond repair items can be tossed!  If a student turned in a remarkable project that is taking up precious space, snap a photo to share with future classes and colleagues.
A useful acronym for making those hard decisions- ROLL
                R:  Repeats (Does your classroom need more than one?)
                O:  Outdated  (Can the item be recreated digitally or need to be updated?)
                L:  Level  (Have you moved grade levels and kept things you think you can use?)

                L:  Love It  (Do you appreciate the item?)

Snap a photo or video of your classroom to get a gauge of size and layout.  Snap another photo after everything is cleaned out to decide what you can do without.

As teachers, we tend to casually hoard containers and baskets of all kinds and sizes!
I use clear shower caps to cover the open boxes/containers so I don't have the dreaded crayon spill every year.  I simply stretch them over the top to hold materials in place.

I use these clear containers to hold EVERYTHING.  My team tubs are sorted with new materials and covered with clear shower caps to hold things in place.

I label everything.  I like to use color coded stickers to easily separate student and teacher materials or materials by subjects.  I use the large ones on boxes (or trash bags- we've all been there) and the small ones on the clear boxes to organize items.

Clean off all of the shelves, wipe down desks, and leave things clean for the fresh school year!  My favorites are Lysol Wipes and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!

Create a Teacher Survival Kit!  Pack your most important items in a designated box or container for easy access in August.  Keep a stapler, extra staples, pens, tape, copy paper, band aids, and extra cleaning supplies.  

Copy your welcome letter and your first day activities before you sign out.  Leave them organized in your classroom.  They will be there at the beginning of the new school year and you get to avoid the hectic rush of the copier on the Thursday or Friday before students return!

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