Hip Hop History

To say I love rap and hip hop is an understatement.

Teaching history is my jam.
Combine the two - could it get much better?

I was introduced to Flocabulary by a student.  I was smitten.
Rap songs about Social Studies?  Yes PLEASE!

Then, a student challenged me to a freestyle battle.  I agreed.  With one condition.
Theme:  Ancient India's Geography
Challenge Accepted.

I won the epic freestyle and we wrote down the lyrics.  With the use of some rhyming dictionaries and a beat made on an empty table, my two challengers performed a rap we wrote together.

About the Geography of Ancient India.
My students used content vocabulary in a rhyming format.
Himalaya.  Check.
Ganges River.  Check.
Deccan Plateau.  Check.

Geography of India Rap

So now it is an integral part of my teaching.
I bought some rhyming dictionaries and some microphones that plug into the headphone jack.

I moved to Civics this year, but my students can jam to words like representation, interpretation, and Constitution!
Click the link to enter for a prize!

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