Writing Wednesday Link Up! RADS Writing Process

After teaching 6th grade for the past five years, I've become accustomed to the moans and groans that accompany a request for a 6 sentence paragraph.  Pulling a 5 paragraph DBQ (Document Based Question) essay was a year long process.  Students needed to be able to state a thesis, add details using text evidence, and summarizing the prompt.  The students were not writing on grade level and were not addressing the prompts properly.

I used the RADS Writing Process.  Click the photo to purchase for only $2.00!

I used a form to help the students organize their thoughts to process a higher order question.  I used scaffolding to help the students build up their writing process.  We began as a whole class and completing the RADS using a Doc Camera.

Students can use a worksheet and complete or can use the worksheet as a template and complete in their notebooks. 

I like to have students peer edit.  The easiest process is to give the students 4 colors of highlighters-a color for Restate, Answer, Details, and Summarize.

In these examples. you can see how the students peer edited to make sure they had each component of the writing process.  This has really helped my middle schoolers build their writing and process a higher order question, support with details, and write a proper summary.

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