5 Apps for Every Classroom! Teacher and Student Approved!

  • Technology is revolutionizing the modern day classroom. It is majorly due to the increasing awareness of the extent to which quality education matters. Many startups and tech giants such as Google, are motivated to improve the way teachers teach students by launching interactive and intuitive smartphone apps. A collection of such apps which really make teaching efficient and highly productive is given below:Technology is being integrated into education in new ways each year.  The amount of apps can seem overwhelming and teachers can feel left out if they are not tech equipped in their classrooms.
  • These apps can be used by any teacher with a smart phone.
  • Some apps can be used by students with devices, whether BYOD or classroom devices.

Classroom Student Apps

SeeSaw is an app for Android, Kindle, Chrome or Apple devices.  SeeSaw is a one of its kind app which encourages students to document what they are learning at school. 

  • Capture:  Students can show what they know with photos, videos, drawings, text, PDF files and links.
  • Students can import from other apps.
  • Teachers c an collect student work from any device.
  • Great for Interactive Student Journals and teachers have the ability to flag assignments for review.
  • Sign in options include QR codes or usernames.
  • BYOD with parent access.


  • Create a paperless assignment Share the class code with your students by writing it on the board or posting it to your class website.
  • Monitor students as they work at their own pace and see their responses. 
  • Write feedback or customize Quick Feedbacks with stickers and points. 

1. Print Answer Sheets

2. Create Quiz and Key

  • Press 'Create Quiz' in ZipGrade to create a new quiz.
  • Press 'Edit Key'. Either scan a known good answer sheet or enter the correct answers for each question. Press 'Done' when complete.

3. Grade Papers

  • Press 'Scan Papers' to start grading.
  • Grade papers by aligning the 4 corner squares on the paper in the 4 viewfinders on the screen.
  • The app will vibrate or make a camera sound when the image is acquired.
  • Press done to go to 'Review Papers' or 'Item Analysis'.

4. Review Results

  • Press 'Review Papers' to see the results and review each paper.
  • Press 'Item Analysis' to see statistics for each question.


  • Only questions with answers will be graded. Therefore, you can create quizzes of any size.
  • If using an iPad, be sure it is not muted. This is usually the switch next to the volume control. Otherwise you won't know when a page is graded.

Click the photo below for a great tutorial.

  • Remind helps you reach students and parent where they are. 
  • Save time with quick, simple communication.
  • Send or schedule quick announcements to an entire class or group, or personalize messages for individuals and small groups. 
  • Flexible features:
    • Broadcast one-way messages or choose to send and receive messages. 
    • Reach students and parents on any device.
  • Messages can be received on any device. 
  • Students and parents don’t need smartphone—any phone that receives text messages will work. 

  • How is Remind safe? 

  • Safety is our top priority. Phone numbers stay private.
  • Students and parents don’t see your phone numbers, and you don’t see theirs. 
  • All messages come from Remind phone numbers. 
  • Message history is always available.
  • Teachers, students, and parents can access and download a complete message history at any time. 
  • You can always change your class codes and remove participants from your classes. Our community works together to keep Remind safe

  • Only the teacher needs to download the Plickers app for free.
  • Download the cards here and print onto cardstock for durability.
  • Each student receives a card and the card is turned certain ways for answer A, B, C, D.
  • It helps keep the answers anonymous so students don't copy each others answers.
  • Add class and questions through the Plickers website on the computer.
  • The teacher scans the room and can see real time data and statistics about who answered correctly.
  • Student data can be retrieved in reports for teacher use.

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